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This Service is NOT ONLY Offered to our Solar Systems buyers BUT ALSO to other Home Owners, Contractors, Solar Firms, Designers, Commercial Protects, Solar Financing Institutions and Government Agencies throughout the United States. You Do NOT have to buy our Systems to use this service, however, before you buy any solar systems, it is recommended to start with us for your PV Design Permit.
We offer financing for these services for your convenience for the solar systems.

Engineering and Design

Outdoor Lights Powered by the Sun

Light up a small area conveniently with the solar lights from USA EMERGENCY SOLAR ENERGY PLUS LLC. The versatile lights we offer make great gifts, and you can use them in a variety of applications, including your porch, campsite, or emergency situations. We ship these and other solar products to nationwide customers from New York City to Los Angeles out of our location in Denver, Colorado.

Multiuse Lanterns for Any Occasion

Our multipurpose solar lights have multiple uses to satisfy all of your lighting needs. The lights can act as a solar powered flashlight, lamp, table light, or wall light. Mount and adjust the easy-to-use device in order to shine a light on whatever you are doing. This waterproof device can be used anywhere. We also have a selection of wall-mounted lights and motion sensor lights!

Solar Wall Light

SML-03 Multifunction Solar Motion Light
Product Specifications
Solar Panel: 0.8W, 17% Efficiency
Battery: Lithium Ion 3.7V 2000mAh
Wall Light: 3W LED
Torch Light: 1W LED
Weight: 10.7kg
Wall Light Modes: 10 Lumens Dim Till Dawn, 300 Lumens Motion Activated
Solar Charging Time: 12 Hours in Full Sun
Light Time From Full Charge: 3 Nights
Weather Protection: IP65
Motion Sensor Range: 3-5 Meters
Package Size: 13.0×11.8×23.5cm

SML-03 Multifunctional Water Proof Solar Torch-Table-Wall-Motion Light

This multipurpose solar light functions as a a solar powered torch, table lamp, and motion activated wall lamp, all in one convenient unit. With enough battery power from a full charge to last three nights, this light is a great choice as a wall light that can quickly become an emergency light source using the folding carry handle.

An Ingress Protection rating of IP65 means the unit is completely protected against dust and particles, and will withstand rain and low pressure water jets with no harmful effects, making this light an excellent choice for camping or any other all-weather use.

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ESL-32 Solar Wall Light
Product Specifications
Solar Panel: 1W, 17% Efficiency
Battery: Lithium Ion 3.7V 2000mAh
Light: 4W, 400 Lumens LED
Light Modes: 20 Lumens dim, +400 Lumens area lighting
Weight: 158g
Solar Charging Time: 11 Hours in Full Sun
Light from Full Charge: 3 Nights
Motion Sensor Range: 2 Meters
Size: 13.2×9.2×7.7cm
Package Size: 16×9.3×9cm

ESL-32 Water Proof Solar Commercial-Residential Wall Light

This completely solar wall light can provide 400 lumens of pure white lighting to outdoor areas, for as long as 5 days during the dim partial sun of the rainy season. A button lets you switch between pure white and warm lighting modes. The motion activation feature will automatically switch from the 20 lumens dim lighting mode to the full 400 lumens bright mode for 30 seconds upon detection of movement through the light's two meter detection range.

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ESL-06 Wall or Step Light
Product Specifications
Solar Panel: 1W, 17% Efficiency
Battery: Lithum Ion 3.7V 2000mAh
Light: 20 Lumens Warm Area Light
Solar Charging Time: 11 Hours in Full Sun
Light Time From Full Charge: Over 3 Nights
Weather Protection: IP65
Package Size: 21×7×13cm

ESL-06 Water Proof Solar Wall and Step Light

This durable aluminum and ABS plastic light is excellent for providing constant warm area lighting or safe stairway illumination for over three nights on a single solar charge.

Free Shipping Coupon Code: ESL-0616